Screencasts for JIT teaching

This sample is a screencast made using Jing Pro, a desktop application which allows you to record your desktop computer screen combined with webcam video.

Such videos can be used to provide software instruction to your students that they can view on their own time, multiple times, and just in time. They can also save you the trouble of finding a computer lab large enough to accommodate your class, and spending class time to cover such material. This particular video was uploaded to YouYube, but they can also be stored on a locally hosted server and embedded into your course website. Jing is a free appication that allows you to create videos up to 5 minutes long in flash format.

NOTE: Jing Pro has been discontinued and has been replaced by Snagit, which also allows you to combine webcam video with screen capture video. Snagit is not free, but it does not impose the 5 minute time limitation, and it provides other enhanced features as well. Jing is still available, but the standard version only allows screen capture, no webcam input.

See our Screencasting Tutorials page for more information about Jing and Snagit, or contact the eLearning Office for a demo and/or training.

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