Starting in 2007 we have been evaluating different projects and initiatives in search for information that will help us learn and improve our work. The data collected has provided us with results that have helped us make changes and enhance our service to business education in this college. The  following is a list of some conference presentations where we have shared our experiences.



  • College of Business Faculty Panel on Blended Learning in Business Education – Faculty Summer Institute 2013 (Presenters: Dyer, M.,Echambadi, R., Packard, C., Sachdev, V., Shabbir, S., Taghaboni-Dutta,F.)- Urbana IL
  • Open Badges: Capturing Credentials Beyond a Degree-  Faculty Summer Institute 2013 – Urbana IL


  • To Tube or Not to Tube:Microlectures in Higher Education,Ubiquitous Learning Conference.
  • The Online Students Experience – Research site by James Scholars.
  •  Evaluation of implementation of iPads in Graduate Professional Education. 28th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning, University of Wisconsin
  • Blended LearningUbaTIC+ Buenos Aires (Argentina) (Spanish).
  • Successful Use of CALL Software: An Investigation in
    Business Education CALICO 2012, NotreDame University.
  • Embeding Teacher’s Presence Through Microlectures. Presented at the Faculty Summer Institute 2012 – Urbana IL.



  • Embedding teacher’s presence in online and blended course, Association for Educational Communications & Technology (IAECT) Malta, IL
  • Teaching with wikis and Google Docs, Faculty Summer Institute, Urbana, IL.