Screencasting Tutorials

What is a screencast?

A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen, usually enhanced by audio narration. Screencasts are frequently used to demo software features or to show how to solve problems, often taking the place of written explanations that might be hard to follow.

EDUCAUSE 7 Things you should know about screencasting.

Screencasting 101: the Definitive Guide!

The eLearning Office in the Illinois College of Business has experience with a variety of products used for creating and editing screencasts, most frequently we use these TechSmith applications (available for both PC and Mac):

  • Jing – Jing is a free and easy to use application that allows you to create screen images and short (5 minutes or less) screencasts
  • Snagit – Snagit also allows you to easily create screen images and screencasts, without the limitation on length that is imposed by Jing. It has some additional features that Jing does not, such as the ability to blur sensitive information and to scroll long web pages.
  • Camtasia – Camtasia is a full-featured application for creating and editing screencasts and other types of videos

Snagit and Camtasia are available it discounted prices for UIUC faculty, students and staff through the campus Webstore.

Many other options exist for creating screencasts and other types of videos, contact the eLearning Office if you are interested in learning more.